Olivia Newton-John and Sun Ho collaborate on new album

22 06 2008

May 2, 2008 – It’s not often that someone gets a phone call from the legendary Olivia Newton-John — and especially not to collaborate on a song. But it happened to Singaporean singer Sun Ho.

“She made quite a few calls to me even before we met and was telling me what the song would be like and what she wanted me to do,” said a clearly excited Ho over the phone from her apartment in New York.

The two songbirds worked together on Isn’t it Amazing for cancer-survivor Newton-John’s upcoming Songs of Hope and Inspiration: Olivia and Friends album to raise funds for a cancer support centre and to commemorate her awareness-raising Great Walk to Beijing earlier this month. Other artistes on the album include Keith Urban, Richard Marx, and Cliff Richard.

Ho’s part in the song was recorded in the United States — where she is working on her new album — while Newton-John did her bit in Australia before finally meeting recently to put the final touches to the track at rapper-cum- producer Wyclef Jean’s studio in New York.

“When we finally met at Wyclef’s studio, I actually felt like I already knew her and she was exactly how I expected her to be: Very warm, very real and very pretty, of course,” said the 37-year-old singer. “Having this chance was like a dream come true, you know, to be able to sing with her in a studio.”

Besides hobnobbing with celebrities like Newton-John, Ho was also kept busy after being picked as a “Music Ambassador” for the Beijing Olympic Games this year.

In February, she became the first person to sing the century-old Olympic anthem in Mandarin at the Forbidden City.

But the most of her time is spent on her new album, due early next year, which she is working on with Jean.

One of the songs making a buzz is China Wine — the video of which features Ho shaking her bum in tight shorts and gyrating between two homeboys.

“If people are saying it is sexy, I’ll take that as a compliment,” she said when asked if it wasn’t a bit too revealing for someone who is seen as a role model for youth and is closely associated with a church. Ho is married to Reverend Kong Hee, the founder of the City Harvest Church in Singapore. She also used to be the church’s music director.

She said: “But it was not so much intentional … The whole theme was focused on how to bring out something new with an Asian influence but yet relevant to the American market.”

She also defended the “Geisha” persona she plays in the video where she pretty much comes across as a vindictive ah lian who catches her man cheating. “I was careful about that. Wyclef wanted to use the ‘Geisha’ persona. At this moment, this is what American people know about Asia. Memoirs of a Geisha is big in the US at the moment,” she added.

And it seems to have caught the public’s eye because, at last count, the video had received over 600,000 views on YouTube.

So with things really taking off for her in the States, does this mean we will be seeing less of her here?

“Definitely not! Singapore is my home and my family is there and I really miss home. I miss my mum and dad,” said Ho, adding that the reason she spends most of her time in the US is because of the new album.

“Please tell everybody I love Singapore, and besides my family, I also miss my mee siam and lontong,” said the mother of a three-year-old boy. Ho was last in Singapore in October.

But not to worry, home is just a phone call away. – TODAY/fa


Special Olympics 2007 MV – Sun Ho/Sun Nan

26 09 2007

Check out the positive comments on the new MV

Its the dynamic duo singing the official theme song! As far as I know, both Sun Nan & Sun Ho sing super well so I’m definitely supporting the Special Olympics! 

Have Sun Nan & Sun Ho worked together before? Their voices blend well. Not bad. Shld consider doing more duets together… 

Asian Pop Diva Sun Ho Set to Take America by Storm

11 09 2007

Singapore singing sensation Ho Yeow Sun (also known as Sun Ho) is set to take America by storm. She’s recently been chosen by famed artist Wyclef Jean to lead the ‘Asian Invasion‘ in the U.S. The two will also collaborate on a single of Sun’s upcoming English-language album, which according to Sun, is an East meets West recipe of American dance beats, Haitian influences and some hints of Mandarin lyrics.The single, which is estimated to debut in early 2007, has already been entitled as ‘China Wine‘. Wyclef Jean will not only produce and compose the song, he will also sing in duet with Sun.

Sun is already known in many parts of the world, reaching global audiences as early as 2003 when her English single ‘Where Did Love Go‘ topped Billboard’s Hot Dance Club Play Chart in the U.S. Sun then released two more songs ‘Without Love‘ and ‘Ends of the Earth‘ which had her name mention along side Madonna, Ricky Martin and Cher.

Allison Kugel just did an interview with this mega star, read

Sun Olympics Music Ambassador 2008

8 09 2007

Awesome work! Keep the asia dream going!

HK Award

4 08 2007


Sun won an Award in HK known as “新城国语力颁奖礼2007”. She beats the likes of Stephanie Sun Yan Zi, Jacky Cheung, Andy Lau. Incredile! Congratulations to SUN!

Check out the news on sina.com

Check out the Video

Video: Sun at Hong Kong Metro Awards 2007


7 07 2007

本报记者 齐帅  能被内地观众认可,能评到内地媒体发起的音乐奖项,何耀珊(听歌,blog)高兴、激动,她似乎很迫切地想向我们坦开心扉,聊聊当奥运音乐大使的感受,聊聊生活中的小秘密,聊聊对中国的情感,再聊聊,同样在本届华语音乐传媒大奖上获奖但人已去天堂的合作者马兆骏(听歌)。  我想把奥运歌曲做得流行一些  南方都市报(以下简称“南都”):你最近当选北京08年奥运音乐大使,是否很惊喜?







  现在用心学中文  南都:你刚在北京举办了演唱会,听说这是你梦寐以求的?








  怀念马爷  南都:我们都知道著名音乐创作人马兆骏先生去世前最后一首歌是写给你的。大家都很想知道你们是怎么认识并促成这珍贵的合作的?




  知心姐姐有减压秘籍  南都:之前你是专业的心理辅导师,现在做歌手很忙,但听说你还坚持给人做心理辅导?






  现场感言  我要谢谢南方都市报,还有新城电台,还有这么多朋友对我的支持,但更要感谢的是给我写了一首好歌的马兆骏老师,在这里我真的觉得非常幸福,同时也很荣幸在我这张专辑中能和马兆骏老师合作,但在之前我们合作的时候,我真的没想到他这么快就过世了,因为当时他给人的感觉还是非常健康的,所以这是我们第一次也是最后一次合作,感谢他把自己的最后一首作品给了我唱,我会永远惦记着他,谢谢马爷。


  好好珍惜  心灵歌后何耀珊当晚一身黑衣上台。何耀珊演唱了本届华语音乐传媒大奖终身成就奖获得者马兆骏为她量身订做的最后遗作《我忘了笑》,她回忆两人的合作:“是我们的第一次合作,却是马爷的最后一首歌,我要谢谢他帮我写这首歌,我要好好珍惜这首歌。”之后,何耀珊热歌辣舞,带热全场气氛。

An Olympic Objective

13 06 2007

When the Beijing Organizing Committee for the Games of the XXIV Olympiad was searching for a music ambassador for the 2008 games, the candidate had to meet three criteria. According to The Straits Times Life! section, the person had to be an ethnic Chinese, be a star with a healthy image, and someone who has worked in the international music scene. By meeting all the requirements, Sun was officially named as the sole music ambassador on 11 June 2007. “It was very sudden,” the singer said and was surprised to be approached by the committee for the position.

Part of her role as ambassador will mean visits to several universities in Beijing and Shanghai. She plans to begin this tour circuit in August where she will perform and talk to the students about songwriting, and in the process, allow the students to have a feel of international music based on her current singing background in Mandarin and English. She will assist them in making their songwriting more presentable so that “it will be selected for performance at the Olympics.” The report also said that although the committee will bear the costs of her travel and stay, she will not be paid for the role itself. The singer added that she would be “paid” with the love from the students she will be visiting.

The various songs for the Olympics, including the theme song, will be chosen 100 days before the opening ceremony on August 8, 2008. Song entries will also be open for submission from professional songwriters and singers. Sun also said that she will be collaborating with her current American producer, Wyclef Jean, and famed songwriter, Diane Warren, to write a theme song to be considered for the Olympics.